Far Reaching Consequences

Sin, is it really a big deal?  We often think (if we even bother to think) that it is okay as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone (except maybe me  or me and one other and we are willing to take the risk). But the consequences of sin are always far reaching.  They always touch more people than we could have even imagined.   I have experienced it and seen it over and over again in the lives of others.

A drinking binge or a night of partying soon leads to many unintended consequences: ruined reputations, dishonor to the Lord by words or actions, results of drunk driving, abuse and neglect of children, loss of custody of children and the turmoil that also brings, and the list goes on and on and on.

A falling out between siblings does not just effect those two siblings, it changes the whole extended family dynamics.  Even after reconciliation there are lasting damaging effects.

Divorce doesn’t just effect the two married people.  Yes, most will admit that it effects the children. But it goes further.  It effects the extended family on both sides as well.  It effects society.

I just recently heard about an affair that when it came to light lead to a job resignation (rightly so) but in the end led to a closing of an entire company.  That effects the lively hood of the entire staff.  I know a couple of families that are now out of work.  To make this even worse is that this company is one that ministers to strengthening the Biblical family.  I think of the thousands of families that will no longer be able to benefit from this ministry.

Even things that we think are completely unseen or will never come to light have far reaching consequences.  Sins like discontentment, jealousy, pride, impure thoughts.  Even these effect those around us no matter how well we think we may keep them hidden.  They effect the way we think about others and ultimately how we treat others.  They effect what we do which has consequences that touch the lives of others.

We are not perfect beings, far from it.  We all sin. We all fail.  That sin effects more than we could ever imagine. The consequences are far reaching.  Do not be fooled. We must strive and fight against sin, resist temptations, but we MUST rely upon the Lord to keep us from sinning whether it be a visible sin or an inward one.  We cannot do  it on our own, we need the Spirit of God.  I am thankful that I serve a God of forgiveness.  That does not however give me license to sin rather it motivates me to live a life that honors Him!

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