Still Abundantly Thankful

This year my husband has to work the entire day on Thanksgiving and every extended family member that we invited over has other plans.  That would make many discouraged and upset.  Many people will say that Thanksgiving is all about family and being together.  I beg to differ, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks!  So even though my hubby has to work on Thanksgiving and we will not be having our traditional Thanksgiving meal together that day and no other family will be around, I am still abundantly thankful!  Here is a short list of thanks for this holiday.

  • My husband has a job!
  • We already had an early family Thanksgiving with ALL of our children and their families when we were in Alaska a few months ago.
  • We will still get to spend part of the day with hubby at his workplace and will have a free meal there.
  • Hubby is working on Thanksgiving but part of that day is to provide a Thanksgiving meal for the airmen who are away from their families this year at Tech training.  It is ministry!
  • He gets Friday off and we will still have a Thanksgiving meal together.
  • I think this is actually the very first Thanksgiving that he has had to work.
  • Plus numerous other things not necessarily Thanksgiving holiday related.

So, even though hubby is working on Thanksgiving Day and the children (who still live at home) and I will be alone for most of the day, I am still abundantly thankful.  God is indeed good all the time!  I must give thanks!

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