Grace For Every Moment

Spending many, many years in the baptist church I heard about God being gracious and offering salvation. Grace was often talked about for salvation. But it rarely went beyond that.  After being saved, the focus shifted to how I was to now live the Christian life. I was to be obedient, I was to love, I was to forgive, I was to serve, and the list goes on and on.  It worked for a while but it was so exhausting.  When I would begin to be worn out THEN people would say, “You just need to rely on the Lord more.” At that point, this was just one more thing I needed to do.  These were all things that I kept finding were impossible for me to accomplish completely.

As we grow in our faith the I should decrease and God should increase.  I have grown in my faith to realize that God doesn’t merely offer salvation.  He graciously gave me the faith I needed to believe and he secured my salvation! It wasn’t anything I did.  I didn’t choose of my own free will to believe and place my faith in Christ.  One day I just realized that I did believe and the faith was not of my own will but it was a faith that only God could give.  That is ALL grace.  Being a follower of Christ is not always easy.   It doesn’t make life easy or crisis free.  The struggles are important.  God is the one who carries us through, guides and directs,and allows us to accomplish his will in our daily living.  That is ALL grace too!  God grants us grace to live the way he calls us to live, to love the way he calls us to love, to serve, and on and on. I am thankful that I am now in a church that preaches our need for God’s grace in every aspect and moment of life.  Without God’s grace it is all about us.  The Christian life shouldn’t be about us, it is about Christ!

Remember, grace is not just for salvation. It is for every moment of every day. The Lord’s grace is what helps us to live the life he desires; to be obedient, to be forgiving, to be a light. Remember to extend grace to others who walk this path of life as well.

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  1. Mommy Reg Says:

    I’m right with you learning how God’s grace is for every moment. Over the past 2 years that has been a lesson God has been teaching me. This morning I was thinking back to something I heard last year. God’s sufficient grace is God’s perfect grace. God gives us the exact size and shape of grace we need for where we are in our lives. I hope that made sense.
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